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Husky Masks, Colors, Coat Patterns, and Coat Lengths
I know that choosing a puppy is a tough choice.  To help families choose their puppies, I have created this page to show the different face masks, colors, coat patterns, and coat lengths of the Siberian Husky.   I also wanted to demonstrate how the masks and colors can change as a siberian moves from a puppy into adulthood.  All of the pictures below are pictures of our current huskies or past dogs that we have bred.  I hope this page is helpful to anyone choosing a siberian.
Husky Masks
Husky masks tend to fade as they age.  Below are pictures of the same dog as a baby and an adult so that you can see how much the mask lightens over time. 
Full Bar Mask with Goggles
Teddy Bear Mask (Goggles Only)
Clover Mask
Open Face Mask
Husky Colors
Black & White
Red & White
Gray & White
Sable/Silver & White
Agouti & White
Piebald Coat Pattern
Piebald means that a dog must be 70% or more white with 30% or less color.
Wooly Coats 
A wooly coat means that the dog has longer fur.
Copper (Dark Red) & White
Pure White
Isabella White