After quite a bit of research and reading about what ingredients actually go into commercial dog foods (even some of the most expensive brands in the market), we decided to switch our Siberian Huskies over to a “Raw” diet and have noticed a dramatic difference in the health, appearance, and general well-being of our dogs.   

The basic principle is to feed a diet that the animals have evolved to eat, or to put it another way AS NATURE INTENDED. 
We feel that this is the best possible diet available for our Siberian Huskies.  We understand that people may have concerns about the diet and/or just don't feel that feeding a "Raw" diet is the best alternative for their dogs.  I am happy to answers questions that you may have.

Is Pet Food Poisoning Our Dogs?

Vets Who Support the Raw Diet 

Find a Vet in Your Area Who Supports the Raw Diet

Common Myths About Raw Feeding

 AAFCO certifies Pet Food in the U.S. 

This is what can be found on the label: "Our pet foods are made following AAFCO guidelines and must pass stringent testing."

This sounds good, until we take a close look at the AAFCO test guidelines.

"The Testing Protocols For Providing An Unqualified Representation of Nutritional Adequacy For A Dog Or Cat Food" are as follows:

* 8 dogs older than 1 yr. must start the test.* At start all dogs must be normal weight & health.* A blood test is to be taken from each dog at the start and finish of the test.* For 6 months, the dogs used must only eat the food being tested.* The dogs finishing the test must not lose more than 15% of their body weight.* During the test, none of the dogs used are to die or be removed becasue of nutritional causes.* 6 of the 8 dogs starting must finish the test.

That's all there is to it.
Buyer beware . . . you may be buying a pet food advertised as being a nutritionally adequate diet for all dogs because it passed "stringent" AAFCO testing ... when only six to eight dogs ate that food for 6 months and survived with no more than an "acceptable" 15% loss of body weight.
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The Raw Diet
We also started our huskies on NuVet Supplements to ensure that they get all of the proper vitamins and minerals to keep them healthy. 

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Vaccination Schedule
All of our dogs are vaccinated against Rabies and Distemper.  We feel these vaccines are essential for their health.  They are also given Ivermectin monthly to prevent heartworm and wormed every 6 months to prevent other internal parasites.  We believe that excessive vaccination is not only unnecessary, but is actually harmful to dogs.  After the first year, we vaccinate our siberians every 3 to 5 years.  You should work out a vaccine schedule with your vet that works for you and your pet.
Optional Vaccines- talk to your vet about whether they feel these are necessary for your geographical area.
Lyme……This vaccine has a high risk for side effects and is not very effective
Bordetella…..As Needed for boarding
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